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  • Hello, my name is JAMIE! All my life I have struggled with my weight, in 2003 I decided to do the Gastric Band Surgery, which is what started my involvement in the weight loss surgery industry. After losing 80 pounds in the first year*, I kept it off for the next three years, but I could not lose any more weight. In 2009, I had some other health problems (not associated with the Lap Band) and I also moved to an area of the country where getting my band adjusted required a 12 hour drive. I decided to convert from the band to the Gastric Bypass, which resulted in a 100 lbs. weight loss in one year!* My life has changed dramatically since. I have discovered passions in activities that I would not normally have been willing to try or have any effort for. I have started to garden, fish with my children and traveling has become a breeze compared to what I would go through beforeā€¦ I can actually buckle an airplane seat belt AND tighten it up! I am very enthusiastic and energetic about my work with BeLiteWeight and I look forward to changing people\\\'s life for the better.

    *See below