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Packing Suggestions and Getting Ready for the Hospital

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    Try to get everything in ONE carry-on suitcase with wheels. It is possible, and will make your time at the airport much less of a hassle, especially for the trip home.

    ***Pack LIGHT***

    Suggested Items to Bring With You:
    Print & bring your Surgery Confirmation e-mail
    Any medications you take normally (must be in the original prescription bottle). Bring only the amount you need, plus a small cushion for any delays.
    Chewable Gas-X
    Glasses – they will not let you wear contact lenses in surgery and you won’t want to mess with them afterwards.
    Robe, PJ’s or comfy lounge pants – to walk the halls.
    Slip-on shoes, slippers, non-slip socks – you won’t want to bend over for awhile.
    Lip balm, lotion & other travel-sized toiletries – due to cultural differences, wash cloths are not provided, but towels are. Double check the TSA rules for carry-on toiletry limits; see video here.
    Feminine hygiene products (sometimes going under anesthesia will bring on your monthly cycle early) – best to be prepared.
    Cell phone & charger – USA and Mexico outlets are the same.
    C-PAP machine – if you use one at night.
    $50.00 – for your take home medication.
    Any additional monies – for incidentals and for additional meals (lower denomination or small bills preferred). Your guest’s meals are not included while at the hospital and your first night before surgery meal is not included, as well. Enjoy your “last meal”.

    Comfy clothes to go home in – elastic waistbands work well.
    IF YOU HAVE ROOM IN YOUR BAG – Tablet, headphones, Kindle or other reading materials, batteries, etc.

    Contact your cell phone carrier and let them know you will be IN MEXICO and investigate any international add-on’s or adjustments to your plan, in order for your phone to work.
    Download Google Translate to your cell phone or tablet. All of the surgeons speak English, and some of the nursing staff, however, it may come in handy and be helpful in communicating with some hospital staff. Practice using the app beforehand.
    Download Uber Eats to your cell phone or tablet. Normally, the hospital cafeteria is open, however, in the event they are unexpectedly closed or if your guest prefers something different, they have options. Uber Eats will deliver to the front door of the hospital. There are many familiar restaurants to choose from, such as Buffalo Wild Wings, IHop, Denny’s, Applebee’s, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Starbucks.


    To Help Prevent Blood Clots

    Be sure to walk around, if possible, every 1-2 hours.

    If you’re unable to get out of your airplane seat, every 1-2 hours do some simple ankle twists or other leg movements, while seated, and keep the blood circulating in your legs.

    You may also want to bring a pair of compression socks to wear on the trip home.


    Hydration for Your Trip Home

    You do not need a lot for your trip home, but you may want to pack a few powder packets such as:

    Bone broth packets such as Kettle & Fire

    Herbal tea bags

    Gatorade Zero powder packets

    It’s easy to get bottled or hot water at the airport, on the airplane, or even at a gas station (if you’re driving). This will help you stay hydrated, and keep you on the post-op diet while you’re traveling.

    ***Do not bring liquid protein drinks, or other liquids, as they will be confiscated by the TSA (not allowed in carry-on luggage)***