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In-House Payment Plan – How To Apply

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    Our in-house payment plan requires a down payment starting at an average of $3,500.00 (but may be lower depending on factors like your credit & income.) This amount is dependent upon the type of procedure, your overall credit picture, your income, job history, etc.

    If you do not have a down payment available, your best option will be to try your bank because they will most likely give you the best terms available. Also, if you receive the funding from your bank, you will receive the “cash pricing” for surgery.

    The in-house payment plan (needing a down payment) and/or using one of the outside medical lenders, will result in “non-cash pricing” for your surgery.

    If you want to apply to one of the outside medical lenders, please ask your Patient Facilitator to send you the specific link to apply.

    Instructions to Apply for In-House Payment Plan:

    1.    Pull your full credit report using Credit Karma. By YOU sharing your credit with us, it is considered a “soft pull” and will not “ding” your credit score. Using a computer is best:

           ***No screenshots – must be the full report as a .PDF*** 

    a.    Log in to
    b.    On the Summary Today page – you will see 2 circles with your credit scores, one for TransUnion and one for Equifax. Click your credit score for Equifax.
    c.    Then, near the middle of the next page, below the 6 boxes, you will see, “View Credit Report” – click there.
    d.    Then, on the top right, you will see a green button that says “Print Report” – click that to bring up a clean copy of your credit report to print.
    e.    You will then use the print function on your browser or hold CTRL+P to open the printer box.
    f.    Choose Save As a .PDF or Microsoft Print to .PDF as your printer option.
    g.    Name your file and Save or Print.

    2.    If you are employed and receive a paycheck, email your credit report, along with the following:

    a.    Your W-2 from last year
    b.    1 month (most recent) paystub
    c.    2 months (most recent) personal bank statements

    3.    If you are self-employed and do NOT receive a paycheck, email your credit report, along with the following:

    a.    Your last filed business tax return
    b.    2 months (most recent) business bank statements
    c.    2 months (most recent) personal bank statements

    4.     If you receive Unemployment, Social Security, Pension or Retirement Income, or are a Homemaker, you can still apply for the In-House Payment Plan, as long as you have a very strong co-signer that has a source of employment income.

    If you do not have a co-signer, you’ll need to apply with one of the outside medical lenders. They may be able to approve you without a co-signer. Please ask your Patient Facilitator for the link to apply.

    Email ALL requested items above to 
    Subject Line: In-House Payment Plan