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Facilities Abroad

  • HA-JZ is a fully equipped hospital located in an upscale area of Juarez. The hospital has seven state-of-the-art operating rooms and four floors of private patient rooms.

    As a full service hospital it has an ICU, laboratory, a cafeteria for guests and wireless internet.

    Our surgeons keep you in the hospital for your entire stay. Any major complications would present themselves within the first 8 to 14 hours (we've never had any). Our surgeons refuse to compromise your care.

    Keeping you in the hospital is done for your health and safety, due to the nature of the surgery. We also find that your guest is more comfortable and at ease being at the hospital complex with you while you recover. This also allows the doctor and hospital staff to be responsible for your care instead of your traveling companion.

    One of our own staff was the very first surgery completed at this hospital when it was opened in December, 2007. The personal attention our patients receive at this facility is outstanding!


    This is a tour of a patient room at the hospital. All rooms are private with their own bathroom and shower, television and security safe.


    Dr. Elmo Aramburo, gives us a tour of the pre-op area, post-op area and operating rooms at the hospital.


    Just as in hospitals in the USA, there are certain operating room instruments and equipment that are meant to be sterilized between surgeries. Dr. Elmo Aramburo gives us a tour of the sterilization room and the sterilization process at the hospital. This is to ensure you are provided the highest level of safety available using modern technology.


    This is a tour of the Intensive Care unit at the hospital. Although we NEVER want to see a patient in this area, as a full service hospital, the surgeons are prepared for any situation that may arise. In some cases of high risk patients with breathing or heart related conditions, or a very high BMI they may need extra monitoring during their stay.


    Meet Patient Liaison, Ana, who will be meeting you during your stay at the hospital.