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Dr. Elmo Aramburo, Surgeon

Dr. Elmo Aramburo, Surgeon
    Medical Degree from University of Sinaloa, (MD in 1999)
    Reg. No. 3532623
    Specialty in General Surgery at the General Hospital of Cd. Juarez Chih
    Specialty Health Ministry as General Surgeon
    Reg. 6005367
    State of Chihuahua authorization 091466 ES III
    Advanced Laparoscopic surgery post degree and robotic surgery in Mexico City, D.F. at the Medical Tower Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Adrian Carbajal and the Recognition of the National University of Mexico (UNAM)
    Obesity course on the Mexican Association of General Surgery, More than 5 years experience in laparoscopic surgery with 1,600 bariatric procedures under the supervision and training course of Dr. Jose Rodriguez
    Number of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgeries (since March 2006 till now)
    Lapland 1165
    Vertical Gastrectomy Sleeve 628
    Gastric Bypass 120
    Gastric Plicature 67
    Revision Surgeries 120
    1. Attended course on New Trends on Hiatal Hernia Repairs by Natural Orifices in Seattle Wash (2008).
    2. Attended course on Natural Orifices Technique in Endoscopic Surgery in New York, NY (2008)
    3. Esophyx training course; Seattle Wash.
    4. Stomaphyx training course; Seattle Wash.
    5. Single Port Surgery.