Get to Know Dr. Elmo Aramburo!

Weight Loss Surgery - Surgeon Elmo Aramburo BeLiteWeight wants to give a special thank you to one of our top skilled and highly beloved surgeons, Dr. Elmo Aramburo. For more than a decade Dr. Elmo has been working with Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal and partnered with BeLiteWeight. He has a young son Elmo Jr. who he loves to spend his time off with. He enjoys skiing, fishing, and inviting family and friends for backyard barbeques.

He is well known for his exceptional bedside manner and ability to help walk patients through the bariatric surgery process. A couple of friends that had surgery together over two years ago with Dr. Elmo,  Brandy and Danielle, recently updated us with their photos and expressed the following about care received with him and the hospital. Here is a little quote from their testimonial page and some of their before and after photos. Check out the links below for more. There is no denying Dr. Elmo produces results!

“I am beaming with confidence and energy. I feel like a teenager again and I owe it all to Dr. Elmo Armburo and his team at BeLiteWeight. The staff and facilities are amazing and a true reflection of care and sincere hospitality.  My experience was wonderful and I am beyond satisfied with my results.” – Brandy

"Dr. Elmo Armburo and his team at BeLiteWeight has help make these things possible.  I loved the staff and the facilities are amazing. The staff and doctors went over and above to take care of me and make sure all my needs were met." – Danielle


You can read Danielle's full story by clicking HERE

Brandy 2 years after gastric sleeve You can read Brandy's full story by clicking HERE

To leave you off here is a video from the wonderful Dr. Elmo himself… He truly looks forward to meeting you all!

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