Preventing Holiday Weight Gain



The end of year holidays can present a special challenge for anyone who is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Celebrating most often involves gatherings that are centered on indulgent food, making it easy to fall back into bad habits when there are so many temptations to give into.  Here are some tips on how to avoid giving into all of the holiday decadence:

Don't skip meals. It can be easy to run out of the house without eating when you're trying to balance a busy work schedule with holiday shopping and other activities. When you get hungry, you're more likely to eat whatever is convenient, especially after smelling the hot Cinnabon at the mall food court. Always try to bring a light, healthy snack like a piece of …
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6 Medicines to None! Mitch’s Gastric Bypass Journey


Nothing warms our hearts more than hearing back from our bariatric patients and learning of their success. One of our remarkable patients shared with us an inspirational letter for us to pass along regarding his results with the Gastric Bypass over the past year. It is truly incredible that his doctor took him off of all of his meds! Here is his story:


"My Journey.


My journey started in May of 2016. My doctor had told me that if I did not do something about my weight and diabetes, I would be dead sooner rather than later. I had just turned 61, 5’10, weighed 303 lbs., and had an A1c of over 15. Sleep Apnea, neuropathy in my feet, on 6 different medications from diabetes …
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Sleep Apnea and Weight Loss Surgery: An Unlikely Remedy?


With over 12 years facilitating weight-loss surgeries for people with many different levels of obesity and weight related health histories BeLiteWeight can attest that obesity and Obstructive Sleep Apnea come hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, it is far too common for those reaching out for help losing weight to also be battling a number of other medical conditions with the most common including diabetes and hypertension as well. The good news is that BeLiteWeight's long history also substantiates the beneficial effects that weight loss surgery has had on patients with Sleep Apnea. With over 10 thousand prior patients BeLiteWeight has had countless first-hand encounters with obesity and Sleep Apnea which have nearly all resulted with major improvements following the Gastric Sleeve or Bypass. Just one example comes from one of our amazing patients Torre who in just 6 …
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Inspiration from Alex: 2x Cancer & Obesity Survivor

BeLiteWeight patient Alex P is by no means a stranger to first-class medical standards. Unfortunately having had, and successfully treated, two types of life-threatening cancers Alex has had several surgeries and procedures including chemotherapy and radiation treatment in Miami, Florida. Despite having received so much treatment in first-class American hospitals in Alex's latest letter to BeLiteWeight he thanked our team for providing an experience that was "just as good or better, than those we have in the United States." Alex was so impressed with our facilities, surgeons, and support staff that he composed a video and wrote a detailed letter for all potential surgical weight loss patients to watch and read before making their decision. We are proud to share them both!



"My name is Alexander P and I …
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Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve, Bypass: A History of Weight Loss Surgery

The beginning experiments of weight loss surgery in the United States began in the 1960s with the malabsorptive operation known as the Jejunoileal bypass, but it wasn't until 1994 when Dr.'s Wittgrove and Clark began their work with laparoscopic technology that cosmetically viable options became available and the procedures grew in popularity. More than 13 years ago now, in 2004 BeLiteWeight began servicing their first patients as weight loss surgery began growing in popularity. Since then the BeLiteWeight team has facilitated more than 15 thousand successfully Banded, Sleeved, or Bypassed patients. The first few years of BeLiteWeight's history medical professionals recommended an operation known as the Lap Band that has since been discovered to have a relatively large amount of complications when compared to the more modern Gastric Sleeve or even the Gastric Bypass.

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4 Pant Sizes & Feeling Better: Tish’s Gastric Sleeve

The BeLiteWeight team wants to give special recognition to one of our beautiful and amazing patients Letitia for her incredible results with the Gastric Sleeve! Letitia, who also goes by Tish, recently sent us the above pictures and wrote this brief update for us to share:


"I have lost 58lbs and went down 4 pants size, feel tons better! Still, have 40lbs to go but am feeling confident that it will happen and in the meantime, I'm much happier with the way that I am looking thanks to Dr. Rodriguez and JoAnne at BeLiteWeight!""


Way to go Letitia! Our team is so happy for your success today and in the future to come!


For more information about the Gastric Sleeve and other …
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Summer Exercise Tips: Avoiding Joint Pain

Sunshine summertime is almost indisputably the best time to be outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty of Earth. Take advantage of the good weather and go outside and get some exercise! Here are some great ideas that won't stress your knees but will get your bodies engine fired up! 


Go Walk Around

 Even if it just a few minutes extra each day just moving your body more than it is accustomed to will get your body processes started and burn more calories. Don't even worry about jogging or running, a brisk walk is more than enough to get your heart beat moving faster. 


Swim at the Pool

While the sun is strong and the days are longer there are no good reasons …
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Obesity Rising: Weight Loss Surgery the Answer?

With all of the recent advancements in public health education and technology it seems like Americans must have made great progress to fight the obesity epidemic that scared the nation a decade ago. However, unfortunately this is not the case. Obesity is still on the rise and modern health & fitness "fads" have done little to change the picture. One of the only sources of hope lies in the future of surgical weight loss options such as the Gastric Sleeve and Bypass. An article from the LA times suggests that many Americans are:

"Letting themselves go." – Obesity

Studies over the past 15 years have revealed that the percentage of overweight people who are even attempting to lose weight have dropped significantly. This coincides with an increased tendency for overweight people to deny …
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In With The New: Mairim One Year Post Sleeve

Nothing makes the BeLiteWeight team more overjoyed than the continued success of our amazing patients. Since Mairim's three month update is now a bit out dated, she recently sent in a one year update containing the hilarious photo above. Mairim is literally carting off her old self while proudly embracing her dazzling new body. We love it so much we had to share. Here are more photos from her journey!

Before and After: 3 Months Update

" I want to thank BeLiteWeight and Dr. Rodriguez for being my life saver and changer. I had a friend recommend BeLiteWeight and the doctor. Although nervous and scared to travel to Juarez it was the best decision, I received excellent care better then I would state side…." – Mairim


Before and After: 12 …
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Salad Dressings: Carb Friendly & Delicious


The Spring Equinox on March 20 may officially be the first day of Spring, but April 1st has the emotional appeal of true change. Winter is officially over and to help fully internalize this change BeLiteWeight is giving out all of our favorite Salad dressing recipes. Don't wait to try these zesty sauces!

Low-Carb Caesar

With fresh lemon juice and garlic this recipe is guaranteed to leave your mouth tangy and stomach wanting more!

Sugar-Free Thousand Island

Clocking in at only 5 ingredients this salad dressing makes a quick addition to some protein!

Feta Vinaigrette Dressing

This recipe takes a few minutes of time and a blender but we promise it is worth the wait!

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